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Plegium SMART Emergency Button


The Plegium SMART Emergency Button is a portable silent alarm button that sends free automatic GPS location text messages and phone calls to your selected emergency contacts.

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The device is designed to be easy to use, making it perfect to use either as a caregiver pager for elderly or anyone who needs help quickly, or as a panic alarm for both adults, teens and young children. Because of its compact size you can carry it with you everywhere: attached with the clasp to your bag, your keychain or on your clothing.

The Smart Emergency Button has a 4 year battery life, no charging needed.

To activate the device, simply push and hold the buttons for 2 seconds and your emergency contacts will receive an instant phone call and a GPS location text message showing your location on a map.

Your emergency button and your phone will pair automatically through Bluetooth via the Plegium app. The Plegium app is free and we bear the costs for all text messages and phone calls.


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